Milan kick-off meeting

Milan kick-off meeting (16-20 December, 2012)

EU and UA coordinators as well as Rectors of UA universities and representative of Crimean government attended kick-off meeting of Tempus SEHUD Project.

The reports concerning the role of PM in SEHUD project, the meeting agenda and the description of work packages were delivered by representatives of Politecnico di Milano: Vice-Rector Prof. ALESSANDRO BALDUCCI; Prof. MARIA GRAZIA FOLLI; Ing. FABRIZIO AMARILLI; Arch. NORA LOMBARDINI. UA coordinator Prof. TATIANA SRGEYEVA delivered presentations of SEHUD consortium, aims, activities, outcomes and outputs, role of KNUCA in the project; distribution of responsibilities in accordance with SEHUD work packages; development of SEHUD travel timetable. Kharkov project team developed strategy and materials for the workshop devoted to the SEHUD curriculum development including draft of curriculum, description of modules, information about UA authors, questionnaire, summarizing tables.

All participants including experts from EU universities (POLIMI, IDBE, UZA, INSA, TEI-A, FPM, IPG, VFU, ECTI, PCC) took part in the discussion on every module and distributed the responsibilities for their development appointing EU experts as modules supervisors together with UA experts.