Visit to Athens, Greece – November, 2014

Training of the trainers visit to TEI-A, Athens, Greece (11-14 November, 2014)

EU experts and UA trainers met at TEI-A to participate in “Training of the trainers” program developed by Greece professors and practitioners. The program covered the following issues concerning WP2:

1) “Investigating the limits of Public Urban Space within the scope of Interior Architecture” delivered by Assoc. Prof. Helen Tatla, President of Dept. of Interior Architecture, Decorative Art & Design, TEI-A;

2) “Rethink Athens: The reinvention of the City center” delivered by Prof. Panagiotis Tournikiotis, School of architecture, NTUA, Scientific consultant of the Rethink Athens Project;

3) “The New Strategic Plan for Athens / Attica 2021” delivered by Evangelos Asprogerakas, Dipl. Eng., MSc, PhD, expert on Spatial Planning & Urban Development, Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change.

UA trainers participated in architectural tours:

1) “Renovated building of National Museum of Contemporary Art, FIX building (T. Zenetos / 3SK Stylianidis)” provided by Mr. Vaggelis Stylianidis, the architect responsible for the building renovation;

2) “Construction site of New National Opera and Library Buildings (Renzo Piano Building)” visiting Visitors Centre of SNFCC (Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre) and participating in discussion with project engineer (tbc).

There were Cultural Walks to Historical center of Athens, Acropolis Museum and Archeological Sites of Athens.

Methodological issues concerning WP3 were reflected in the presentation “Open Education and Open Courseware in TEI-A” delivered by Alexandros Tagoulis, Instructional Designer – Technology Educational Researcher, Open Courses TEI-A.

For developing USD network (WP7) UA professors visited TEI-A laboratories and Library having opportunity to communicate with professors, librarians and students. They also visited Greek Architects Association (SADAS) and were acquainted with ERASMUS Programs and International Collaboration presented by Prof. George Panagiaris, Institutional Coordinator of LLL Program, TEI-A. In addition “Official TEMPUS Sessions” aimed at solving project issues served to gaining competence in project management. They covered:

1) WP2 & WP3: developing USD training packages for STVteam e-platform with emphases on EU partners investment into USD self-developing knowledge base and introductory video lectures of EU supervisors (EU partners P1-P9);

2) WP4: discussing organization of EU professors lectures (face to face and distance learning format) in the frame of SEHUD pilot phase (EU & UA coordinators P1-P17);

3) WP5: evaluation of SEHUD pilot phase (first module) training process (evaluators P10 & P17);

4) WP6: dissemination strategy (information of P1 coordinator concerning conditions of participation in Milan conference with reports and articles publication);

5) WP7: discussing sustainable strategy (information of P10 coordinator concerning condition of USD course license by UA Ministry of higher education;

6) WP 8: discussing financial report to EACEA, co-financing and general managerial issues. Gaining competence in USD and international project development was certified by TEI-A.