Visit to Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine – February, 2015


Meeting of SEHUD consortium in Dnepropetrovsk had multipurpose character. 7 EU partners (POLIMI, IDBE,INSA, UZA, TEI-A), three rectors of UA Universities (PSACEA, KNUCEA & ODABA), UA coordinators, authors, evaluators, IT experts & students took part in the activities. The work was highly collaborative, fruitful & efficient. Whole ranges of deliverables were produced.

The meeting was greeted by Rector of PSACEA Prof. V. Bolshakov. Vice-Rector of PSACEA Prof. B. Dikarevpresented international activity of his University (WP7). UA SEHUD coordinator Prof. T. Sergeyeva introduced into SEHUD state of the art in the context of all WPs & outlined upcoming tasks in logics of 1) achievements; 2) tasks to be completed; 3) resources needed; 4) actions planned (WP8). As a result, it was decided to gather steering committee that outlined key problems to be solved in order to eliminate the risqué of project realization within planned terms (WP8). Key issues concerned financing USD course units publications for receiving official accreditation from UA Ministry of Higher Education (WP7), financing SEHUD developers (authors, IT experts, evaluators, mentors) activities as well as financing planned travels (WP8). Official letter & minutes were sent to SEHUD project coordinator. Special program was devoted to SEHUD pilot training (WP4) including: 1) presenting best project reflecting Module 1 content by PSACEA students; 2) presenting real practical project of developing concrete territory of Kharkiv based on Module 1 & Module 2 content by KNUCEA students; 3) delivering lecture “Architecture, Sustainability & Value” by supervisor of Module 1 Prof. S. Macmillan (Cambridge University, UK); 4) delivering lectures “Les Fetes des Lumieres” & “Leclairage urbain: les techniques et les enjeous” by Prof. J.M. Deleuil (INSA, Lyon, FR). Project presentations & lectures were successfully performed in videoconference format that became possible due to equipped media classes & platform developed within the project (WP3). Students’ projects reflected the competences gained within Modules 1 & 2. As a result the students were awarded with official certificates signed by EU & UA Modules supervisors. Similar practice of presenting projects for international jury as a proof of gaining competence within the first term of Pilot Phase is expected to be performed during planned meeting in Kiev by KNUCA, ODABA & IALPNU students. Gained experience of Pilot training quality control in the format of practical projects & EU professors lectures in video-conference format can be recommended for dissemination not only within project activity but also for wider public. A whole range of visits in the context of USD of Dnepropetrovsk (WP2) were organized: 1) visit to Architecture & Town Planning Management Office (presentation of master plan of Dnepropetrovsk (DP) development by the Chief Architect of DP region I. Bogdanov & by the Chief Architect of DP city D. Volyk); 2) visit to Union of Architects of DP region (presentation by the Head of the Union A. Shkovyra); 3) visit to “Perspektiva” Corporation (presentation by the Head of Corporation A. Koganovskiy; 4) visit to the Faculty of Architecture, exhibition of bachelors’ projects, PSACEA museum (presentation of the Dean of the Faculty Prof. A. Chelnokov). Official ceremony of opening USD multimedia class equipped on the bases of SEHUD funds was organized. Greetings of PSACEA, KNUCEA & ODABA Rectors reflected true value of innovative resources & developed infrastructure for UA Universities. Cross-cultural issues were reflected within visits to D. Yavornitskiyi History Museum, Aerospace museum, DP Philharmonic Society & Drama theatre (WP7)