Visit to Kyiv and Lviv, Ukraine – May 2014

The delegates from UZA (P3, Zaragoza, Spain) visited Ukrainian partners in KNUCA (P12) and IALPNU (P13), 5-12 May 2014

5-12 May 2014 the delegates from UZA (P3, Saragossa, Spain) Prof. Javier Monclús and Prof. Carmen Diez visited Ukrainian partners in KNUCA (P12) and IALPNU (P13). In Kyiv they met with the Rector of KNUCA Prof. Petro Kulikov, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture Prof. Olexandr Kaschenko, Head of the Urban Planning Department and coordinator of SEHUD project in KNUCA Prof. Mariia Kushnirenko and Head of International Relations Department Assoc. Sergey Bronin.

The visitors had an opportunity to learn more about the educational and research work at the Architectural Faculty of KNUCA. Productive discussion on possible ways of further collaboration within the SEHUD project took place. The UZA’s team with Prof. Kushnirenko met Prof. Y. Palekha, Deputy Director of Research, Head of the GIS Centre, and author of course unit 4.3 of Module 4 for SEHUD Tempus Program. During the meeting the presentations on the course units’ development took place. The presentations recovered the joint points of course units and the following discussion cleared the most appropriate ways of further collaboration. 8 May, UZA representatives went to Lviv to meet their partners from IALPNU (P13). They had a fruitful discussion as to the peculiarities of architectural training in Lviv Institute of Architecture with Professor Yaroslav Racochiy, Professor Victor Proskuriakov, Prof. Yuriy Kryvoruchko, Yaryna Senkovska and Prof. Oresta Remeshylo-Rybchynska. During their stay in Ukraine, UZA representatives had a brilliant opportunity to learn more about Ukrainian architectural heritage and educational traditions.