Visit to Varna, Bulgaria – October 2015

Training of the trainers meeting at Varna Free University, Bulgaria (6-9 October, 2015)

Project experts gained USD competences and enriched Omni-base via a range of activities and presentations took place at VFU. They are as follows: 1) “Introduction to the Field Work in Coastal Engineering”by Eng. Boyan Savov; 2) “International Students Plain air” by Professor Dr Arch Rositsa Nikiforova; 3) “Desapearing Houses/Nice Houses”, byAssos. Professor Dr Arch Stancho Vekov; 4) “Contemporary society and the responsibilities of architects and urbanists”, by Prof. Sebastian Macmillan; 5) “SEHUD project in future prospective” by Prof. John Barber; 6)Tour around old Varna, guided by arch. Vladimir Rachev from Ministry of Culture, Visit of Ukrainian Monument in Varna; 7) Walking tour of Botanical Garden and Quinn Houses being a striking example of sustainable architecture; 8) Meeting with the Chief Architect of Varna Victor Busev and the Chairmen of Regional Union of Architects Arch. Dimitar Stefanov, “Presentation of GSP Varna” by Professor DSc Arch Ivan Nikiforov.  He stated that it was still a 'work in progress' and encouraged experts to discuss the unresolved issues, give suggestions and contribute to Varna's urban development by sharing their expertise; 9) “Presentation of ARCH+ Parametric Design Workshop” by Assistant Professor Arch Christo Topchiev . IT-expert Kamynin V. presented self-developing knowledge-base with the improvements which were planned for implementation after POLIMI meeting. The base got a new, all-encompassing title “Omni-base”. Kamynin V. also presented a summary of the problems he faced and issues to be solved within Omni-base. He also outlined a plan of further Omni-base development to ensure project sustainability after its completion. Prof. Tatyana Sergeyeva presented results of Pilot Phase in her profound final report. The outcome of the utmost importance are the MSc, PhD, and LLL that were trained with this innovative course (386 in total). They were awarded international certificates signed by EU and UA module supervisors and are to become the agents of positive changes in Ukraine, making our cities smart and sustainable. The main outputs and outcomes of evaluation (WP5) were presented by Prof. Tatyana Sergeyeva. The project team members (Prof. Rositsa Nikiforova, Prof. Tatyana Sergeyeve, Prof. John Barber, Prof Sebastian Macmillan) were interviewed by the Bulgarian television. They were really impressed that the project gathered so many highly-qualified experts in architecture and sustainable development and asked a lot of challenging questions on implementing 'sustainable development without losing identity'. Each of 5 UA universities signed bilateral agreements with Varna Free University (VFU) and Varna Design Form (VDF) on future cooperation, research and student exchange. Prof. Tatyana Sergeyeva delivered a profound presentation covering every work package of the SEHUD project. She made a summary of the projects outputs and outcomes that have been achieved for the past 3 years.